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Critique Of Mike Detty s Guns Across The Border - 1286 Words

Book Critique of Mike Detty’s Guns Across the Border: How and Why the U.S. Government Smuggled Guns into Mexico Do you believe the United States of America is capable of smuggling guns into a foreign country? In the novel â€Å"Guns Across the Border: How and Why the U.S. Government Smuggled Guns into Mexico†, written by Mike Detty, will explain the U.S. problems with smuggling guns outside the borders. â€Å"Guns Across the Border: How and Why the U.S. Government Smuggled Guns into Mexico† is based off the notes and experiences from Mike Detty, a former confidential informant for â€Å"Operation Wide Receiver† and â€Å"Operation Fast and Furious†, and other agents who went through issues with the ATF (Detty, pg.3). This book is useful for scholars or students that studies under a governmental agency profession because it gives point of views from people that had experiences with the ATF. Mike Detty expressed his opinions about the ATF significantly well throughout the novel. The storyline is also based off the operations â€Å"Too Hot to Handle† and  "Castaway.†(Detty, pg.4) The Mexican gun smuggling cartel business started around the year of 2003 (Grillo, par. 2). The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) began to research and investigate the Mexican drug cartels (Detty, pg.3). The ATF started to use a tactic called â€Å"gunwalking†. This tactic ran a series of sting operations in order to arrest Mexican drug cartel leaders (Detty, pg.4). The citizens of Mexico were given the

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Assess the significance of economics and finance in...

Economic and financial concerns have a clear link to Britain’s relationship with her African empire over the period 1870-1980. During different time frames within the period; expansion, colonisation and decolonisation economic and finance hold different amounts of weight due to events which mark turning points in the relationship e.g. World Wars. Strategic and cultural are also clear concerns which effect the relation which I will evaluate. Trading to make profit was the main reason British business men landed on African soil. This shows economic influences started the relationship between GB and her African empire, highlighting its importance during expansion. Trading in Africa brought high profits back to businessmen and the banks†¦show more content†¦This suggests that GB had stronger interest in Africa as she took take over countries surrounding Egypt to protect the canal from rivals that would hamper trade movement. Though this was a strategic concern it links heavily British economic concerns as the trade route was of commercial importance to Britain. It is clear that cultural concerns play a role in the enhancement and the downfall of the relationship of GB and Africa during expansion. The British mindset during the period was that they were the superior race of the world and that it was their ‘white man’s burden’ to rule Africa to bring them into civilisation. Ferguson supports my point saying ‘Victorians aspired to bring light to what they called the Dark Continent.’ This suggests that their arrogant mindset would make them feel as though cultural imperialism was the best morally correct action for the empire because Africa, to them was behind. This brought a jingoistic British attitude towards colonisation as people thought their country was being helpful. An example of how they brought ‘light’ was through converting Africans into Christianity. Ferguson gives a statistic ‘1886 and 1895 the number of Protestants in Africa trebled’. This shows that the British aim to ci vilise Africa was working which gave them something in common which made it easier for British to settle in Africa during expansion. However, cultural attitudes brought a strainShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Economics And Finance On Influencing Britain s Relationship With Its African Empire1917 Words   |  8 PagesAssess the changing significance of economics and finance in influencing Britain’s relationship with its African empire in the period c1870-c1981 Between 1870 to 1981, economic factors occurred throughout the 111 years. For a clearer explanation, Africa is divided into North, East, West and South, this enables us to analyse what the British Empire done in certain areas of Africa. Events within this period can be divided into three time periods, these are: 1870-1902 Expansion – this is mainly about

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Night Creature Crescent Moon Chapter 31 Free Essays

string(72) " Then that last night, I lost my temper, shouted at him, and we fought\." Adam came into the house as I sat up, careful not to disturb the sleeping child. Without a word, Adam bent and lifted Luc into his arms. Equally silent he walked out of the house. We will write a custom essay sample on Night Creature: Crescent Moon Chapter 31 or any similar topic only for you Order Now I expected he’d walked out of my life forever. What was it about the Ruelles that made me feel things I never had before and never expected to again? What was it about a silent man and a chatty boy that made a foolish, lonely cryptozoologist long for a life she’d never wanted? This wasn’t me. To ache for a child. To contemplate loving again with the same depth I’d once loved before. To consider a future so far gone from the one I’d planned as to be unfathomable. I had to be under a spell. The thought gave me pause. Was I behaving so oddly, thinking so strangely, longing so deeply because of†¦ magic? The very idea should make me laugh, but after what I’d seen since coming to the Crescent City, laughing was the furthest thing from my mind. There was only one person I trusted here, and conve-niently that person knew magic. I grabbed my bag and my keys and drove to town. Bourbon Street was hopping. I heard the music, saw the lights, from several blocks away. I was tempted to take a detour and soothe my problems with a zombie. But I figured the way things were going, I’d actually run into a zombie. Cassandra opened the door before I even knocked. â€Å"How did you know I was here?† She lifted a brow. â€Å"I peeked through the window.† â€Å"Oh.† â€Å"Lock the door. You need a drink.† Right again. Sometimes I thought she was more than a little psychic. Within minutes I sat across from her at the kitchen table, sipping from a glass of something complete with a tiny umbrella. I took a big swig. â€Å"Fruity.† Probably had twelve types of alcohol. Just what I needed. I took another glug. â€Å"What do you know about love potions? Maybe a charm or a spell?† Cassandra took a ladylike sip and set down her glass. â€Å"More than you, I suspect. Why?† I wasn’t sure. Adam had insisted he couldn’t love me, didn’t want me to love him. What good would a love spell do? But Luc was another matter. The child wanted a mother. If I fell hopelessly in love with him, wouldn’t I take the job? I couldn’t bring myself to tell Cassandra about the boy. Adam didn’t want anyone to know. And while I trusted Cassandra with my life – had on several occasions already – it wasn’t right for me to trust her with Luc’s. He wasn’t mine to give. â€Å"You’re talking about Adam,† she murmured. â€Å"You love him?† ‘I something him,† I muttered. â€Å"I don’t like it.† â€Å"Just because you don’t want to love the man doesn’t mean you’ve been put under a spell. In truth, if you had been, you’d be thrilled about it That’s part of the magic.† I took a huge slurp, and the end of the paper umbrella went up my nose. Sneezing, I tossed it aside. â€Å"You better slow down,† Cassandra said. â€Å"You’re going to be smashed.† â€Å"OK.† I’d been right about the twelve kinds of alcohol. Right now, every one of them zipped through my bloodstream, both relaxing and revving me. My cheeks felt on fire. â€Å"I love my husband.† â€Å"Shouldn’t you say loved?’ â€Å"I don’t know how to stop,† I whispered. â€Å"He still feels alive to me.† I touched my chest. â€Å"Right here.† â€Å"Maybe that’s why you saw him in your dream. In your heart he’s still alive. You need to let him go.† â€Å"No.† The idea of letting Simon go, of giving up, giving in, going on, was too much for me. Maybe that was why I had come up with the notion that my feelings for Adam had been induced by voodoo. They couldn’t be real, because if they were, I didn’t love Simon anymore. And if my love for him died, then so did he. I know, I know, he already had. But when was love ever rational? I took another swig of courage before blurting what I’d been wondering since I’d seen Simon at the window. â€Å"Could you raise him?† I stared at my fingers, clutched together in my lap. Cassandra took a quick, sharp breath and held it. Afraid she’d pass out if she didn’t breathe, afraid I’d panic if she didn’t speak, or maybe if she did, I glanced up, then right back down again. The sorrow, the pity, in her eyes made me want to crawl under the table and stay there. â€Å"I’m not that powerful,† she said softly. â€Å"Not yet.† Something in her voice made me tense – hope and fear at war. â€Å"But you might be soon?† â€Å"Someday, perhaps. But even if I was, I couldn’t raise Simon.† â€Å"Why not?† â€Å"How long has he been gone?† â€Å"Four years.† She reached across the table and took my hand. â€Å"He wouldn’t be the same, Diana.† â€Å"I don’t care.† â€Å"You would care. Dead is dead; there’s no going back.† â€Å"There is – you said so yourself. There are zombies. They’re real.† â€Å"But they aren’t alive. They aren’t the same people. They aren’t even people. You want to rip Simon out of the afterlife, reanimate his disintegrating body, have him look at you with hollow, lifeless eyes? Wonder why he’s here? Ask who you are?† â€Å"He’d know me.† â€Å"Maybe.† â€Å"I miss him.† â€Å"I know.† She squeezed my hand, and I met her gaze once more. â€Å"Simon didn’t have to die. I could have saved him.† Cassandra stared at me for several seconds. â€Å"So that’s what this is about? Guilt?† Now that I’d started talking, I couldn’t seem to stop. â€Å"I didn’t believe him when he said he’d found a werewolf. Again. I was so sick of his wild-goose chases. We went here; we went there. He saw something and every single time, when I got there, there was nothing. Everyone thought he was crazy.† I took a deep breath and admitted my secret shame: â€Å"I started to think so, too. Then that last night, I lost my temper, shouted at him, and we fought. You read "Night Creature: Crescent Moon Chapter 31" in category "Essay examples" He stormed out alone. The next thing I knew, he was dead.† â€Å"I missed the part where your going with him could have saved him.† I shot her a glare. â€Å"I’d have saved him.† How I wasn’t sure, but I’d have tried. And if I’d failed, I’d be dead, too. Sometimes – hell, most times until I came here – I wished that I was. â€Å"He’s gone now,† she said, â€Å"and you need to move on. Quit sabotaging your chance at a new life by clinging to the old one.† â€Å"I have to find the loup-garou. Prove that Simon wasn’t crazy. Clear his name.† â€Å"All right Then maybe you can move on.† I considered her words, which were an echo of my own earlier thoughts. Maybe I could. Except – â€Å"How do I know if what I feel is real?† Cassandra sighed. â€Å"You really believe Ruelle put a hex on you to make you love him? I thought it was all sex, all the time.† â€Å"Not all the time,† I muttered, though she did have a point. â€Å"There might be a way to discover the truth.† â€Å"How?’ â€Å"A ceremony.† â€Å"Voodoo?† She lifted a brow and didn’t bother to answer. â€Å"What do I have to dor â€Å"Come to the temple. We’ll ask the has if you’re under a love spell.† â€Å"That works?† â€Å"So far, whatever I’ve asked, they’ve answered.† I frowned. She was starting to scare me. â€Å"If they say you’re not being influenced by magic, will you quit fighting the feeling and tell the man you care?† I wasn’t sure. Adam had said he couldn’t love me, that I shouldn’t ask him to. â€Å"Diana?† Cassandra pressed. â€Å"Let’s just do whatever voodoo that you do, and then we’ll see.† â€Å"Promise you’ll give him a chance.† â€Å"What difference does it make to you?† She put her hands on her hips. â€Å"I’m not going to waste a perfectly good voodoo ceremony on someone who’s too stubborn to reap the benefits.† â€Å"OK. Fine. Let’s get it over with.† â€Å"Take a breath. Slow down. The temple is peaceful. You might enjoy your time there.† Instead of heading out the back door, Cassandra returned to the shop and picked up a wooden bowl. She proceeded to add items from her shelves, then turned toward the snake cage. â€Å"Whoa,† I said, my voice a bit slurred from the alcohol. â€Å"No snake.† â€Å"We need him for the ceremony.† â€Å"I hate snakes.† â€Å"Consider him Danballah.† â€Å"I know I’m going to be sorry I asked, but what’s Danballah?† â€Å"The Great Serpent. Father of the loos.† I recalled her earlier explanation. â€Å"A god.† â€Å"More of a spirit. In vodoun there was an original supreme being known as the Gran Met. When he finished his work and returned to the other worlds, he left the has behind to help the people.† I’d been raised Catholic, though I hadn’t practiced since I’d left my parents’ house. Nevertheless, all this talk about gods made me twitchy. â€Å"You don’t really believe this, do you?† Her sigh was aggrieved. â€Å"You can’t ask me to perform a voodoo ceremony for truth, then wonder if I believe.† I very nearly pointed out that I hadn’t asked her to do anything, but she was on a roll, so I let her go. â€Å"If I don’t believe, then what in hell am I doing here? For that matter, what are you?† â€Å"All right. You believe.† â€Å"Gotta believe in something,† Cassandra muttered, and shoved the bowl into my arms. I didn’t see it coming and bobbled the thing, nearly dropping it. â€Å"Hey!† She shot me a glare. â€Å"You wanna hold the snake?† â€Å"Nope.† I waved my hand. â€Å"Carry on.† She pulled Lazarus out of the cage, murmuring softly. He took one look at me and hissed. The feeling was mutual. â€Å"Think of the loas like saints.† Cassandra led the way from the shop, through her living area, and out the back door. â€Å"They’re a kind of bridge to the supreme being.† â€Å"I can see why the Catholic Church was so snarky about the whole voodoo thing. A snake spirit is a far cry from a saint† â€Å"Didn’t Saint Patrick charm the snakes out of Ireland?† â€Å"Watch it when you talk about Saint Patrick and Ireland,† I muttered. Cassandra spared me a smile. â€Å"When the slaves arrived they were baptized Catholic right off the boat, and their religion was outlawed, so they secretly combined the two and got – â€Å" â€Å"Vodoun.† â€Å"Bingo.† Behind Cassandra’s shop lay a partially enclosed courtyard filled with plants, flowers, and a fountain. The ground was hard-packed earth – no grass, no stones, no pavement. A door had been set in one wall; Cassandra opened it. â€Å"No lock?† I asked. â€Å"On a temple?† She flicked the light. â€Å"Besides, most people are too scared to come in here with me. They certainly wouldn’t come without me.† â€Å"Terrific,† I said, and followed. I stopped just inside the door. The room was so full of stuff, I didn’t know what to stare at first. Cassandra placed Lazarus in a cardboard box near a flat stone covered with candles and smaller, more colorful flat stones. She proceeded to light the wicks, and I continued to stare. Surrounding the stone were flowers, pebbles, tiny flags, and charms. The walls were decorated with brightly colored symbols: a cross, a heart, a snake, a box of some sort. Long, thin. â€Å"Is that a coffin?† I asked. â€Å"Mmm,† Cassandra said. â€Å"The drawings are veves. They act as magnets, to draw the loas to the earth. The coffin is the symbol of Baron Samedi. He is Saturday, the day of death.† â€Å"I’d think you would want to avoid that one instead of magnetically sucking him into your personal space.† â€Å"We’ve been over this.† She gave me a look that I recalled from my third-grade teacher – extreme annoyance from a very patient woman. â€Å"Death is powerful, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.† â€Å"Then why does everyone try so hard to escape it?† â€Å"It’s human nature to fear what we don’t understand. I try to see death as a beginning.† â€Å"Of what?† â€Å"Who knows?† She finished the candles and joined me. â€Å"A new plane, a different world, an adventure.† She could be right, but I’d rather wait as long as possible to find out. â€Å"The cross is for Legba,† she continued, â€Å"god of the sun and the way of all spiritual communication.† I could see why that would be handy. â€Å"The heart is Erzulie.† Cassandra met my gaze. â€Å"Goddess of the moon.† A warm wind seemed to brush my skin. I’d have thought I was imagining it, except the candles fluttered. â€Å"She likes you,† Cassandra whispered. â€Å"Will that help?† â€Å"Won’t hurt.† â€Å"What about the snake?† I glanced at the python on the wall, whose bright green eyes seemed to shine. â€Å"Danballah.† The snake god. Spirit. Saint Whatever. I should have known. â€Å"Now what?† I asked. â€Å"The ceremony brings the loas to earth; then we ask for guidance.† â€Å"How, exactly, do they come to earth?† Her gaze slid from mine. â€Å"They inhabit another living being.† For a second my brain refused to accept the information my ears had heard. But only for a second. â€Å"Possession? Are you nuts? That’s dangerous!† â€Å"Which is why I don’t take the ceremony lightly. It’s also why people are scared to come here. Word gets around.† â€Å"If you think I’m going to let some snake spirit possess me, you are off your rocker.† â€Å"I doubt Danballah would be interested in you. I was thinking more along the lines of – â€Å" She traced a finger through the heart, her touch smudging whatever had been used to draw the symbol on the wall. â€Å"Deesse de la lune,† she said. The candles fluttered again in a nonexistent wind. As I gazed into their wavering flame I murmured, â€Å"That just might work.† How to cite Night Creature: Crescent Moon Chapter 31, Essay examples

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Analysis of the Success of Huawei free essay sample

This paper analyzes the success of Huawei Technologies Co. , Ltd. , one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in China. This paper applies two prevalent organizational theories: the ecological and evolutionary approach and the resource-based view, to interpret the causes of the success of Huawei. Based on the strength and weakness analysis of each theory in the explanation of the same phenomenon, the resource-based view is recommended as a more effective theory to examine the organization structure and business strategies. Then, the research question would be: What is the cause of such great success of Huawei in such a short period of time? Here I would apply two different organizations theories: the ecological and evolutionary approach and the resource based view, to analyze this phenomenon in quite different ways to compare the plausibility of these two theories. Analysis Based on the Ecological and Evolutionary Approach The ecological and evolutionary approach is focused on the effects of environment on organizational structure. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of the Success of Huawei or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Based on this theory, the evolutionary process of the organization will experience the following four steps: 1) Variation, which means changes from current routines and competencies; 2) Selection, which means differential elimination of certain types of variations. There are two types of selection. One is external selection which indicates forces external to an organization that affects its routines and competencies. The other is internal selection which indicates forces internal to an organization that affect its routines and competencies. ) Retention, here selected variations are preserved, duplicated, or otherwise reproduced. Struggle, which means contest to obtain scarce resources because of the limited supply. From the ecological and evolutionary perspective (Nelson and Winter, 1982), the environment is full of uncertainty, the assumption that â€Å" Firm Maximizes Profit† is no longer valid and the effective way to deal with uncertainties is routine. Due to the uncertainty and the bounded human rationality, good luck is a very important factor for the success of the organization and the future of the organization is largely unpredictable. Coincidently, when we check Huawei’s profile (Huawei Company Profile, 2004), we found the following missions: â€Å"Huawei does not strive to maximize its profit, but to achieve sustainable growth and success through prolonged, close cooperation with customers and partners. † So it sounds reasonable to examine Huawei’s organization structure and interpret Huawei’s success with the ecological and evolutionary perspective. Based on this theory, we can interpret the success of Huawei in the following ways: Firstly, the previous success of Huawei is due to the specific environment. As Mr. Ren, Zhengfei, the president of Huawei said: â€Å"Huge market generate big company†. Huawei established in 1988, when the telecommunication market is very prosperous in China. Actually, around that time, lots of IT companies established and many of them survived and gained considerable profits. However, the products from several giant foreign companies such as Siemens, Motorola and Lucent still dominated most of the telecommunication market share in China. Secondly, during the adaption to the changing environment, Huawei had to constantly made important business decisions such as development of new products and service to meet the requirements of the specific customers. During the beginning of Huawei, when there were not enough funds and outside resources, any significant wrong decision might cause the failure of the whole company. While it seemed market favored Huawei. It was proved latterly that Huawei constantly made the right decisions at the right times.

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Medicaid Fraud and Influence on Medical Services

Introduction Medicaid Fraud is one of the main issues that hamper provision of quality, reliable, and efficient medical services across the world.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Medicaid Fraud and Influence on Medical Services specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Medicaid is designed as a health insurance that offers the less fortunate in the society a chance to get affordable quality medical services; they are edible to children, the elderly, and persons with a disability and funded to a large extent by Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Medical Assistance Administration. The United States government medical department with collaboration of the office of the Attorney General has been on the fore front fighting the vice; however, the vice seems to be far from being won. As much as the practice is unethical and unaccepted in the medical fraternities, the efforts that the federal government has e nacted remain focused on corporate level but they seem to be un-reaching to the micro level practices. According to Steven Malanga, the rate of misuse of Medicaid Fraud has continued to increase with an estimated amount of 10% of the total cost nationwide, which translate to about loss of 30 billion per year from the federal government. Corporate compliance programs have focused on the corporate level but they have â€Å"allowed† the low practitioners like nurses, doctors and physicians to continue using Medicaid to defraud the economy. This leads to deteriorated economy or an economy with a huge medical bill to cover. Although the program had been made to benefit the society and offer quality medical services across the board, it has been misused and defrauded for individual benefits (Matusicky Cheryl, 1998). This paper discusses the problem of Medicaid Fraud and the interventions that federal and states governments should do to prevent the alarming state. Problem statement The main issue that is affecting the success of quality medical services to the less fortunate, children, and the elderly under the Medicaid program is fraud by medical practitioners for their benefits. The issue have an economic implication as the practitioners bill the U.S. Department of Health and Human amounts that does not commensurate with the service that they have offered to the patients or beneficiaries of the program.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More How Medicaid Fraud occurs Medicaid fraud takes different forms; however whichever the form they have some quality and financial implication to the beneficiary or the state government. The main ones are: Unnecessary billed services This occurs when a medical practitioner advices a beneficially of the program to undertake some medical services that are not really necessary; when doing this he or she is guided by the financial benefit that he will attain from the program. This kind of fraud is technical and hard to detect especially with non-medical practitioners. For instance, a patient may call in a facility with a certain condition say Malaria, then the doctor or the medical officer advices him to undergo a full tests of some other related diseases like Typhoid, although the above advice may be agued to be for the good of the patient, the motive that the doctor has is ill. None performed or are of a lower quality In some facilities that get their funding and financial benefit from Medicaid programs have been accused of having fewer attendants than the ones that derive direct benefit from the program. With such a move then the state government pays for services that were not rendered. Another form taken by medical practitioners is offering low quality services to the patients and billing them highly. When such an issue happens, the patient is left unattended while the practitioner gets un justified financial benefit from the scheme. When patients get low medical services, the likelihood of demanding for more services in the near future is high making the burden even higher to the state government. Prescribing costly programs One issue that the sector has had is how to know the best amount to prescribe for a certain medication; there is no standard set rules that can be used as the governing or guiding pricing unit. With such a loophole, the practitioners have seen a system to exploit the government. They may opt to bill very expensively, or prescribe some services that are overpriced so that at the end they will have more benefit that could be (Heeley Whitley, 1998).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Medicaid Fraud and Influence on Medical Services specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Purportedly covered items, which were not actually covered When billing the department, the practitioners are expected to offer a list of the services that they offered to a particular patient; the document is needed to have been signed by the patient in question or a caretaker. What the practitioners are doing is to ask the patient sign the document before they have been attended, then after attending them, they are left indicating the areas that they covered, and this is the point that they include some services that they never provided to the patient. This is formulae of exaggerating the medical bill to the loss of the state government. Recommendations on how to prevent Medicaid Fraud The issue facing the health care sector can be prevented and managed if stakeholders can combine their efforts and powers in that effect. The main stakeholders in the prevention program should be the government (through ministry of health and the office of the Attorney General), professional bodies, the practitioners, and patients (Meulemans, 2011). The government The government was the one that made the p rogram a success and it is the one that collects taxpayer’s funds and uses them in the sector, thus it should be in the forefront in providing leadership to prevent fraud. The government should install high-powered fraud-tracking computer programs to assist in getting the perpetrators of the illegal practice; such programs should be able to detect the risk areas and post audit the services that have been offered by the practitioners. The systems should be strong enough that they can prevent the intervention of unscrupulous licensed practitioners who have continued to defraud the system; it should be able to maintain sanity I the sector as well as reduce the chances of growth of such practices.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More So far, there are some states that have not yet criminalized the practice making it a green area that practitioners can use to benefit themselves; the â€Å"watchdogs â€Å" that have been used have played the role without enough legislative powers to prosecute those practitioners who have defrauded the system. This should be changed and have they empowered for the good of the sectors. When developing the penalties and punishments to be given to fraudsters, the state should support harsh punishments that are likely to deter them from defrauding in the future as well as threaten others who had such a thought. The penalties should be extended to the professional body that the fraudster comes from in the efforts of asking them to be more vibrant and careful with their members. The state should raise the bar that makes practitioners access the funds; service vendors and health-care practitioners have increasingly getting access to the funds opening a loophole of some unqualified pract itioners to access the funds. Some policies to make the process tough include having a probationary period to the practitioners, asking for certificate of good conduct and clearance from relevant professional bodies (United States Attorney Southern District of New York, 2011). Professional bodies Professional bodies have the mandate of creating sanity, professionalism, and dignity in their members; they have a major stake to play when it comes to the defraud and preventing it. To ensure that they have principled practitioners who practice professionalism, they should deploy only those people who have proven track record of ethical behavior. On the other hand, the state government should empower the bodies that they only offer an operating certificate to those who have successfully been cleared by the professional body. Periodically, the bodies should work with the government to audit the program and offer quality and specialized advices to the state government regarding the prices t hat have been quoted by practitioners. In their capacity as professional bodies, they should have stick method of punishing those people who are not acting ethically or not providing professional services to the communities (Media Center, 2011). The practitioners Although the program has been misused by some practitioners, the truth of the matter is that there are people who have been successful in the sector and are willing to offer professional services; such professionals should be used to advice the state and professional bodies on the right billing. On the other hand, practitioners should understand that the main aim of medical care provision is offering quality services and not defrauding the state. Cost of medication can be reduced if practitioners can perform their duties with professionalism: some costs that can directly be controlled by practitioners on how he/she uses the available resources. Practitioners should be in the forefront guiding the cost management programs in stead of enacting policies to defraud the state; they should devise cost management strategies to the benefit of their department. Managing finances effectively in a hospital is a vital function that requires collaboration of both patient care units and administrative units. The nursing unit is one costing point of hospitals where they have a budget they want financed, the department should be given an appropriate allocation of hospital finances according to their needs, when the resources have been allocated, they need to be managed professionally and effectively. Practitioners should oversee the effective management of funds and ensure that all operations are managed in a cost effective way; they need support of other nurses to attain this noble goal. For example when making financing budgets, nurses should be consulted since they have direct interaction with medical staffs and the patients, thus they can offer sound ideas and information for decision-making (Yai Network., 2011). Practitioners should be occasionally trained on the best working ethics and how to offer professional services, when undergoing the trainings; they should be encouraged to give their observations on how they can improve the services of the problems they are encountering (Lovitky Ahern, 1999). The patients or public Practitioners get a chance to exploit the system when they offer services to patients; the patients are to some extent reluctant to know what goes behind the scenes as they believe that the government will cater for the service they have received. They need to be trained that the right they have been given can be exploited by some unethical practitioners thus they need to monitor them. Some of the methods that the patients can use are to ensure they know the exact bill that they have been billed by the practitioner and given a copy of the bill, in case there is something that they don’t understand, they should ask for clarification from the practitioner. The pract itioner should append their signature on the copy to ensure that the patient can enforce the document against the practitioner incase need be. Anytime that a practitioner feels that the bill was exaggerated, there should be a direct calling line, most likely a toll free line, that they can enquire form the Medicaid managers. When conducting compliance audits, patients should be called in as witnesses of a fraud case, this should be set as a condition of using the card. Patients can offer quality information on which facility is expensive and why, such information is important to know the exploiting facilities; from the information offered, then the government can be able to act (Malanga, 2006). Implementation strategy To implement the above possible solutions, the government and professional bodies are in the center stage, they should start by enacting policies and laws that criminalize the act and offer harsh penalties to the offenders. After the volume of legislation and the punis hment has been made, then the government should lead a campaign that train practitioners on the law and how it will impact on those people who do not follow them. This can be done through the media, the professional body, in schools among other places. With the programs, the last focus should be on the public and the role they can play, they should be trained on their rights and the role they have in the entire prevention process. When the practitioners and the people have known the best way, the next important thing is to see the law enforced (Kutz, 2010). Consideration of success measurement techniques The measurement parameters that the state should use to ensure that the programs are working on well include: Continuous assessment of quality of health care services; the services should be seen improving Reducing of the Medicaid budget bill Harmonization of costs of similar services Affordability and accessibility of the medical care service. The above are the parameters that sh ould be seen improving (Office of Medicaid Inspector General, 2011). Conclusion Medicaid Fraud has continued to be a challenge to federal and states government, however with collaboration of all stakeholders, the vice can be solved. The main stakeholders in the prevention program should be the government (through ministry of health and the office of the Attorney General), professional bodies, the practitioners, and patients. Each of them should be well empowered and willing to play its part to prevent the growth of the vice. References Heeley, L., Whitley, G. (1998). Beyond Compliace. Retrieved from HealthCare Executive. Lovitky, J. A., Ahern, J. (1999). Designing compliance programs that foster ethical behavior. Retrieved from Healthcare Financial Management. Malanga, S. (2006). How to Stop Medicaid Fraud. Retrieved from Matusicky, F., Cheryl, C. (1998). Building an effective corporate compliance program – General H ealth System – Special Section: Fraud and Abuse. Healthcare Financial Management. Retrieved from Meulemans, M. (2011). Major Medicaid Uncovered: APS Healthcare Pays13 milliom Settlement. Retrieved from Kutz, D. (2010). Medicaid: Fraud and Abuse Related to Controlled Substances Identified in Selected States: Congressional Testimony. New York: DIANE Publishing, Media Center. (2011). Attorney General Schneiderman Announces $18 Million Medicaid Fraud Settlement With State’s Largest Residential Service Provider. Retrieved from Office of Medicaid Inspector General.(2011). Corporate Integrity Agreement between the NewYork office of Medicaid and YAI. Retrieved from Scott’s, R. (2011). Daphne Campbell faces Medicaid-fraud investigation. Retrieved from http://miamiherald. United States Attorney Southern District of New York.(2011). Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces $18 Million Civil Fraud Settlement with New York’s Largest Operator of Facilities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Retrieved from Yai Network. (2011). Serving People with Disabilities and their Families. Retrieved from This research paper on Medicaid Fraud and Influence on Medical Services was written and submitted by user Alissa P. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Robinson Crusoe2 essays

Robinson Crusoe2 essays Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, is a story about a man and his extraordinary travels throughout the world. In the beginning, Robinson Crusoe travels out to sea against the will of his father. He learns to regret this, though, as he becomes enslaved, and later shipwrecked. He became shipwrecked on an island where was the sole survivor. As a shipwrecked man, he had few possessions and had to use his surroundings to survive. He painstakingly constructed his needs and wants until, after twenty-six years he was finally able to leave the island. Although very exciting and adventurous, Robinson Crusoe is more than just a story about a mans adventure and struggle to survive, it depicts one mans quest for spiritual salvation. In the beginning of the book, Robinson Crusoe is not a devout Christian. He disobeyed his parents when he ran away to sea. He called upon God only in times of trouble. He rarely used Gods name unless to swear, and in turn blasphemed it. Although he coped with the hardships of slavery and suffered its wickedness, he took a slave of his own after he escaped from his master. This behavior does not represent a devout Christian nor does it represent a person with high moral standards. Later in the book Crusoe described his attitude when he said, I had no more sense of God or His judgments ....... than if I had been in the most prosperous condition of life. This shows the reader that Crusoe was virtually unaware of Gods presence. Later in the book he becomes aware, and after becoming shipwrecked on the island, Robinson Crusoe asked God for his survival. He later realized that he should have actually thanked God for helping him survive the wreck and for helping him survive on the island. This action marks Crusoes change from a person who is unaware of God into a person who believed that God has control of the Earth and that God directly affects every mans life. ...

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Analyze a Sociological Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Analyze a Sociological Issue - Assignment Example can Culture: How Prejudice and Discrimination Have Colored Culture) The South African governments were controlled by the white people till Nelson Mandela successfully led the agitations against them and dethroned their ruling and became the first elected president of South Africa in 1994. Till then the black South African people were victims of discrimination and prejudices even thought they were the largest community in South Africa. Coloureds are a mix of Black Africans and (British) Whites. They are so named because of the apartheid regime, as a way a labeling them; however, since then they have developed their own distinct culture. They reside mostly in the Northern and Western Cape. About 80% speak Afrikaans and 20% speak English. (South African Culture: How Prejudice and Discrimination Have Colored Culture) The colored people are a mixed race with its ancestors belongs to Europe, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Malaya, Mozambique, and Mauritius like countries. The South African society were divided four main racial groups during the apartheid era; Blacks, Whites, Coloureds and Indians. Based on the color of the people the political rights were also varied among these groups. The whites enjoyed supremacy in every field of life like political cultural and religious things. Even the people from the same religion experienced discrimination because of their skin color. Earlier the political rights of the coloreds were similar to that of the whites though their rights to earn income and property were limited by the law. Prejudice is the positive or negative evaluation of a social group and its members. It differs from stereotyping in that the emphasis with prejudice focuses more on emotional than cognitive factors. Prejudice is largely an attitude. (Prejudice and discrimination) Historical, cultural, and socio-economic factors all contribute to prejudice. In South Africa, the minority white people controlled the entire process of ruling of the country. They have