Thursday, February 27, 2020

Visual Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Visual Analysis - Essay Example The picture comprises of four groups of human elements. These are: Batman, Batkid, a policeman and people on the street. Non-human elements in the photo include trees, buildings, batman’s motor vehicle, a bicycle and another motor vehicle. In the picture’s foreground we see Batman, Batkid and an automobile. Batman is seen to be standing and encouraging Batkid in the picture. In the picture, Batman is portrayed as wearing his â€Å"Batman’s† costume as is usually the case in sci-fi movies when he is fighting villains. On Batman’s side we see Batkid who seems anxious and somehow agitated. Batkid has worn a costume that is similar to the costume that Batman is wearing. However, Batkid has put on black shoes with orange laces unlike Batman who is wearing black boots with black laces. From Bat kid’s left side there is a motor vehicle, the vehicle has Batman’s emblem engraved on its hood. The vehicle in the picture seems to be a sports car, most probably a Lamborghini. It is assumed that this is Batman’s automobile. In the picture, it seems as though Batman and Batkid have just alighted from Batman’s automobile. In the background of the picture various objects are visible. The background of a picture can indicate the location of a picture (Lester, 2006). The picture shows Batman’s vehicle as having stopped at a passenger crossing on a street. Behind the vehicle there are trees which have green leaves. This shows that the picture could either have been taken during summer time or the start of the autumn. From the picture, we are also able to view a block of buildings. The buildings are behind the trees and are made of concrete. The buildings seem to be modern and thus we can conclude that the picture was shot on a city street. In the background of the picture we are also able to view an audience that seems very elated to see Batman and Batkid. Many of the audience in the picture are wearing coats. T his could be because of cold weather and thus we can conclude that the picture was taken during autumn. From the picture we can also observe a policeman behind Batman and Batkid. The policeman is in a vehicle that is opposite Batman’s vehicle and is seen to be peeking outside the vehicle’s window. Focal Point Batkid is the focal point of The Batkid picture. The main point of focus in an image is its focal point (Lester, 2006). From the picture it is evident that the main point of focus was on Batman and Batkid with a lot of emphasis laid on Batkid. While taking the picture, the photographer seemed to have focused more on Batman and Batkid as compared to events happening in their background. The photographer seems to have especially paid greater attention to Batkid, trying to bring out the finer details of Batkid. The photographer is able to capture Batkid’s belt which has Batman’s emblem. The photo also lays some emphasis on Batkid’s gait. Colors T he most abundant color in the picture is the black color. Various elements in the photo are colored black or have black adornment. Batkid has a black costume which is also the case for Batman’s costume. The vehicle that Batman and Batkid seem to have alighted from is a black vehicle. From the background of the photo we are able to see a fan of Batman, behind the vehicle, who is wearing a black coat. Many of the audience in the photo are also dressed in black coats. The tarmac on which Batman’

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